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An Introduction to Electric Fireplaces

Every house that is built in four-seasoned areas has at least one fireplace as a traditional means of heating for the house. It is probably one of the most comfortable places in the house for everyone to gather during cold days in the autumn and winter. As time passes and new technologies are developed, electric heaters are getting more favor, especially in housing without chimneys like apartments and in areas where firewood is not easy to get. Electric fireplace, however, is a good compromise for those who like traditional fireplaces. They do not require any materials to burn, but they provide the similar experience by using an LED screen and visual effects.

electric fireplace


There are two types of electric fireplace that are marketed. The first one is the all-in-one unit that is more like a screen with the shape of a fireplace. Even though people usually put it close to the floor as if it is a real fireplace, there are hanging units that are usually smaller and placed up on the wall like a TV. The second one is the fireplace insert, which mimics the traditional fireplace better since it takes a space on the wall. Both types work instantly and do not require any ventilation.

How they work

Electric fireplaces have two ways of producing and delivering the heat. They may use a forced fan, which means that a fan blows the heat made by a set of heating coils inside the unit. On the other hand, they may use infrared quartz, which heats objects instead of the air using an infrared wave. Either way, the fireplace unit’s surface stays cold. Therefore, it becomes a safer alternative for families with small children or pets.

Things to consider

Some aspects need to be considered if you want to get the top rated and best electric fireplace unit for your house. One of them is the size of the room that will be heated by the fireplace because the forced fan one fits more with smaller rooms while the infrared one works better for bigger rooms. Opened windows and high ceiling also affects the effectiveness of the heating process.