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Safety in Welding

Arc welding is a process which is mostly used for cutting metals through by using the ionized gas. This kind of process uses an advanced technology in order to produce an electric arc which later on will be used for metal cutting purposes. There are many types of arc welding which actually depends on the tools that are used. Different type of arc welding produces a different type of result and also different risks. The result, although, some of us may not notice the differences, is very different from one arc welding through another arc welding type. Plasma arc cutting appears to produce a better result since it uses an automated machine whereas the gas tungsten arc welding tends to produce various results since it is a manual process and the result is highly dependent on the welders’ skills. Not only the result but the risks are also different. This is why welding helmets are truly a must-worn outfit before we are going to do any of those arc welding. The function is pretty clear which is to protect the welder from any of risks that are mainly affected the eyes.

welding helmets

Welding Helmets

If we happen to see welders when they are doing their job then we surely can’t miss the unique helmet that is used by the welders. Some helmets look like a motorbike helmet whereas some others look like an astronaut helmet. Nevertheless, those helmets are built for the same function which is to protect the face part of the welders. This is because some of the welding process such as the metal inert gas arc welding or the gas tungsten arc welding yield an UV light as the side effect of the electric arc. This kind of light, as we’ve known before, is very dangerous when it contacts directly with our eyes. Once it makes a contact with eyes, it will cause what most welders knows as the arc eye. Arc eye is basically a condition where the retina part is inflamed because of the UV light radiation. If arc eye is not treated well then it may lead to vision loss. Therefore, welding helmets should be worn every time the welding process is being done.